Fatty Fin to Skinny Minnie

A weight loss journey with trials and tribulations; one Aussie girls vow to be fit and thin.
Was 74.4kg (164lb)
Goal 50kg (110lb)
Pre Pregnancy 54kg

Birth day 78.4kg

24/08/2014 62.5kg

05/09/2014 62.1kg
Height: 154cm (5"1)

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USB Mini Fridge

Save the last soda or beer in your own personal mini-fridge. Everything will be kept super cool in this mini fridge that is powered by a USB port.


iPhone Pocket Projector

Crowding around a 13 inch dorm television is not ideal for a group of friends. Instead, turn the whole wall into a TV with the iPhone pocket projector. Play videos, look at images and stream videos from different apps.

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We need carbs to survive, people! It’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Don’t fear the carb.

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Banana smoothie bowl + coconut, sultanas, dates, chia seeds, almonds, coconut date rolls and maple syrup.

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Chia seeds soaked in almond milk + cocoa powder and layered with chocolate banana ice cream and raspberries!

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Raw Vegan Piquante Lettuce Burrito Wraps with Walnut ReFreeshed Beans, Tomatoless Tango and Sour Guacamole


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When life knocks you down, you realize how much power you have.

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